Information Technology Consulting Services for the not-for-profit, education and healthcare sectors.


HoodTan Solutions provides:

  • Planning for technological growth

  • Implementation of technologies with practical understanding

  • Efficient and tenacious troubleshooting and repair techniques

  • Relate complex technological concepts for business

  • Streamline workflows and processes utilizing technologies

  • Technology training

  • SF local with fast response time



Amy Hood and Dan Tan, principles of HoodTan Solutions, have years of experience managing IT operations and technical projects for varied size businesses including not-for-profits and individuals in diverse industries. The HoodTan Solutions methods involve evaluating individual needs of clients to find creative solutions tailored to their specific technology requirements.  Most importantly, they have unique skills to relate and train people in an enjoyable, patient, and professional manner.




“HoodTan is my go to for IT issues and not only are they knowledgeable and talented, they have an amazing ability to help and advise the unskilled like myself and provide solutions to our particular needs. It's a relief having HoodTan just a text away."
Glenn Jenkins, Charmed Life Design Studio


"HoodTan has rescued us from tech issues and handled video editing jobs for us many times over the years and always with ease and professionalism. They are very competent and detail oriented, staying up to date with trends and technologies. I would recommend HoodTan strongly to any business, not for profit or individual needing tech support."
Frances Beebe, Polyprint & Design LLC


“Amy at HoodTan Solutions is one of those people you go to and know that whatever problem you have, she will be able to help solve it. Not only is she great at getting to the true root of an issue, but she communicates expectations along the way and always delivers. She is proactive, analytical and collaborative. She is full-service and all-around fantastic.”
Tara Spence



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